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Erectile dysfunction

Erection – or not?


Sex is more than a stiff penis – but anyone suffering from erectile dysfunction can probably signify that it is a strain for both the relationship and overall well-being. It’s easy to end up in a vicious circle, where negative thoughts affect the ability to get hard. But in most cases, there is help available.

Erectile dysfunction affect almost all men sometime in life, perhaps only in a shorter period, and usually disappears by itself. The older you get the more common it is that the erection will not work as you like. Every fifth man – or about half a million men in Sweden suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Get help from Ingemar, Viktor or Bertil!

Something you can try yourself is an erection pump / vacuum pump, which by vacuum pumpes blood to the erectile tissue, causing the penis to become hard. Belladot Ingemar penis pump is a powerful high capacity vacuum pump. It’s easy to pump with and you can easily compare the results on the measurement scale. Ingemar also has an easily accessible valve for quick and easy release of the pressure. To maintain the erection after pumping you can use a penis ring (30 minutes max). As a penis ring, Belladot Viktor, and Belladot Bertil are recommended to vibrate and have “clitoral nodes” that stimulate the woman or to turn inwards towards the scrotum. The method is completely harmless, simple and works well even in the case of severe vessel displacements or when medication can not be used.

Stress and worry is often the cause 

It is not uncommon that erectile dysfunktion arise because of stress, fatigue, problems in the relationship or simply the worry of not being able to get an erection. It may happen that it does not work once, in order to cause it to happen again.

Keep the relationship alive – sex is more than penetration 

If you have a partner, it’s important to talk to him / her, partly to share your concern with someone, but also to avoid losing contact between each other. As you may feel embarrassed, unmanly and shameful, you get rid of physical contact. The partner gets worried and pulls away in turn and then you have a vicious circle. Sex is so much more than a stiff penis and if you and your partner can talk to each other and find other ways to enjoy it, it is very helpful.

Physical causes

Erectile dysfunction can also be caused by disease. Most common is cardiovascular disease but also high blood pressure, diabetes, spinal cord injury, MS, Parkinson’s disease, or hormone deficiency may be underlying causes. If the problem been creeping and lasted a long time (more than six months) you should consult your doctor for a medical examination and perhaps medication. Even surgery, radiation therapy and some medicines may be the cause of you being affected. Signs that there is no physical cause for the problem is that you receive morning reaction and erection when you try to masturbate. Help for erectile dysfunction is available from doctors who can sign out medications or injections, depending on whether there is underlying disease or not.


Some more tips 

To prevent erectile dysfunction there are a lot of things you can do:

  • Do not smoke
  • Use alcohol moderately
  • Avoid stress
  • Exercise and be physically active
  • Keep the weight normal
  • Keep the closeness to your partner alive


Simply put, a healthy life makes it easier to get and maintain an erection. If you still have problems help is available and there is alternative ways to have sex.


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