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The Sexologist answers

Our Sexologist answers your questions.

Here under “The sexologist answers” you can get help. Belladots sexologist Sylvia Lidén Nordlund answers your questions about lust, relationships and intimacy.

Whether you are one of our retailers or a customer, you are welcome to contact
Sylvia with your questions. Her email adress is All correspondance is treated anonymously and very discreet.

Sylvia Lidén Nordlund is a certified sexologist, she has a Phd and over 15 years of experience in the field of sexology.

Read Sylvias advice on these topics to the left.


Sexologist Sylvia Lidén Nordlund




Gör som 1,463 andra, prenumerera på vår blogg! Du får med jämna mellanrum tips inom sexologi, produkter och utbildning.

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